How do I play music while using iTreadmill?

iTreadmill has a built in iPod music player screen.  Simply tap on the ‘Music’ tab at the bottom of the screen. You can create your own iTreadmill playlist by tapping on the ‘playlist’ button at the top left of the Music screen.  This will open up an iPod screen where you can add songs, albums, podcasts, or audiobooks. And iTreadmill will continue to count your steps even while you are picking songs for your playlist!

How to I operate the screen lock?

To operate the screen lock, simply swipe down on the padlock, as if you are closing the padlock.  To unlock, just swipe up as if opening the padlock.

Why is there no sound on my 1st Gen iPod Touch?

While first gen iPod Touches do not have fully functional speakers like the newer ones, there are speakers that emit audible beeps for alarms. If your sound effects setting is set to speaker only, you would not hear the sound effects through the headphones (or through the speakers because they are not fully functional). You could still listen to music through the headphones, regardless of the sound effect setting, so you may not be aware that the sound effects is set to speaker.  To fix this setting, go to the following in the iPod’s Settings:

Settings > General > Sounds > Sound Effects

set it to Headphones or Both.

How does the screen blanking work?

iTreadmill uses the proximity sensor built into the iPhone to blank the screen.  It detects when it is placed in a pocket and then blanks the screen.  In order to test it, go to the main treadmill screen and put your finger over the flat black area just to the left of the ear piece slot of the phone.  You will see the screen quickly shut off.  If you remove your finger, it will quickly restore the screen.  the best thing about it is that it not only shuts off the backlight, it also shuts off the touch screen, so it's like having power savings and screen lock automatically activated just by putting the device in your pocket!

So to use iTreadmill, you really just have to press Start and drop it in your pocket, then take it out and press Stop when you're done.  iTreadmill will automatically shut off the backlight, disable the screen, pause when you stop walking/running, resume when after you take a few steps, and keep track of everything.  If you want to look at your progress every now and then, simply take it out of your pocket and the screen will reappear, then put it back in your pocket and it will shut down the screen for you again, while still running and monitoring your progress.

How does iTreadmill compare to a real treadmill?

iTreadmill was designed to emulate a real treadmill, and therefore there are many similarities.  There are also some differences to note as well.


  -  Both provide great cardio, calorie burning, stationary running exercise

  -  Both keep track of distance, time, calories burned, average pace, average speed

  -  Both keep you on a set speed or pace

  -  Both are a good way to keep in running shape when weather prohibits an outside run

  -  Both can be used in English (feet, mile, lb) or metric (meters, km, kg) modes

  -  Both allow you to workout without leaving home


  1. - iTreadmill can be used not only indoors running in place, but also on a real walk or run, indoors or outdoors.

      -  iTreadmill also allows you to monitor current pace, strike rate, and step count

      -  iTreadmill is much safer, since you no longer need to worry about staying on the narrow, fast moving belt

      -  iTreadmill is only a couple of bucks! (since you already own an iPhone or iPod Touch) a real treadmill is around $500-$1,000!

      -  iTreadmill is always with you, can be used anywhere you are, and is always ready to exercise with you, anytime you are!

      -  iTreadmill automatically keeps a tabular log of your past runs, so that you can compare at a glance and measure improvement

      -  If you don't keep up with your pace setting, iTreadmill won't throw you to the floor like a real treadmill might!

  -  Mileage alert: iTreadmill can be set to chime at every 1/4, 1/2 or 1 mile (or km)

  -  iTreadmill automatically pauses when you stop running and resumes when you start running again.

  -  iTreadmill is much easier to take with you on travel!

  -  Having a usable treadmill on your cell phone is just a really cool thing to show off to your friends, a real treadmill - not so much.

Can iTreadmill be used on a real walk or run?

Yes!  In fact, it is the #1 rated pedometer app on
www.iphoneAppsFinder.com!   iTreadmill has amazing accuracy, even better than most real pedometers!  And you can carry it in your pocket, in a purse, on a belt clip or arm band, anyway you can attach it to your body should work.

Can iTreadmill be used on a bike?

No.  iTreadmill, like other pedometers, works by detecting the natural up and down motion of the body which occurs when a person walks or runs.  This does not occur when biking.  Even if it could accurately detect steps while biking, the data would not be meaningful because a bike’s effective “stride length” varies quite a bit depending on the slope, gears, etc.  A GPS enabled app would be a much better choice for bikes.

How does the Dial-Pacer work?

You can set your desired pace or speed by simply swiping your finger either up or down on the Pacer Dial (ribbed vertical band at top right of screen).   The blue "glass" target pace/speed window will appear to help you set your desired pace/speed.  Once you set it to where you want it, you can close the blue glass window by simply tapping on it or pressing start to start your run.
Once the target pace/speed is set, iTreadmill will use your stride setting to calculate the timing between steps to maintain your desired pace.  A "ticking" sound and flashing light will be generated to that beat, so that you just have to run to the beat to stay on pace.  After about 30 seconds to 1 minute of following the beat, you should be able to see that your "Pace" measurement is within a few seconds of your Target pace.  Note that "Avg Pace" is the average pace over the entire run, so that it may not match your desired pace if you ran at different speeds during your run.

Who is the animated running guy with the yellow head?

While he chooses to remain anonymous, I can only tell you that he is a real person, his name is David and he loves to run.  And he runs quite well too - achieving first place for his age division in a recent half marathon!.  Also, each of his family members have either run marathons or half marathons as well.

Is iTreadmill a serious app, or just a gimmick?

While we hope that iTreadmill is cool enough to be one of the apps that you like to show off to your friends, the main purpose of the app is for it to be used regularly by its users to achieve their fitness goals.  Many hours were spent in testing and tweaking in real-use situations to ensure it's usability.  There are many running apps out there which look great at first, but when you use them, you find they are impractical because they do things that don't make sense, such as resetting your run anytime a phone call comes in or auto-lock times out, or if you have to exit the app to check an important email or adjust the brightness.  They make you start your run all over again when you return to your run!  With iTreadmill, your run is never reset until you press the STOP button, which also gives you the option to save your run to the history file.  We will carefully listen to any comments and feedback and will gladly make additions and improvements as long as they are possible on the device, allowed by the iPhone Developers Kit, and deemed worthwhile for the effort required(or cool enough!).  Please send your comments and suggestions to the email address at the bottom of this page!

I think I found a bug, what do I do?

If you think you’ve found a bug, first check the “Known Issues” by clicking
here. If you do not see your issue listed, or the solutions presented do not work for you, please email us at:


Why is iTreadmill so inexpensive compared to the other ad-free running apps?

It is our philosophy to create a few apps well, which users will actually use, and also to support them well.  This is more important than cranking out lots of meaningless, underachieving apps with the hope that maybe one of them will do well simply by chance, and not be able to support any of them very well.  Based on our philosophy, we are hoping that producing  more meaningful, useful apps for a low price will generate higher volume of downloads, allowing us to provide a higher level of committment and support and focus for a few products.  The other reason is, we're not a big company so we don't have to feed a lot of families with this app!  Also, more specifically, we realize that iTreadmill will likely not replace all of your current exercise for most people. It may be supplemental exercise for many of you, something to use when other forms of exercise are not possible at the moment.  So whether you plan to use it everyday, a few times a week, once a month, or just once in a while when needed, we want you to be able to still justify downloading iTreadmill due to its low price.  And it is a great complementary app to have with other fitness and running apps that you may already have.

Any other comments from the iTreadmill developer?

If you have already downloaded iTreadmill, we thank you so much!   If there are any issues, problems, questions, comments or suggestions, or you just want to say hello, please feel free to email us at itreadmill@kadatech.com.   We would love to hear your comments! 

If you like it, we hope that you can find the time to place some positive ratings and comments for us on the app store and tell your friends and colleagues about it as well.  Remember, the more downloads we get, the more time we will be able to spend improving and supporting iTreadmilll and adding more features on free updates.  If you don't like it or have issues with it, please email us and let us know why and if there are things we can improve or help you with so that you can find it useful and worthwhile as well.  Most issues that you are seeing are easily solvable with further clarification of instructions catered to your specific conditions, and we would love to help you get it working, so please
email us with any issues.

If you have not yet downloaded iTreadmill, I would just like to thank you for visiting this website and spending time to find out more about iTreadmill.  I hope that you will find it interesting and useful enough to download it and use it as much as I do in my exercise routine.  It has been very helpful to me as I like to run and walk.  Yes, I do own a real treadmill, but never use it.  I use iTreadmill on neighborhood walks with my wife, on runs, and sometimes running in place in front of the TV when weather doesn’t allow me to go outside. 

I've honestly found that using iTreadmill has truly given me the freedom to exercise anywhere and anytime!  When I travel for business or take a family vacation in the summer, I take iTreadmill with me and use it wherever I go.  It's flexibility has really made a huge difference in how consistent I am in my regular exercise.  Now there's no excuses!   And my sincere hope is that iTreadmill can do the same for many of you too. 

- Ricky Amano, Developer of iTreadmill


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